The story of VNTPay starts with InventoryClub. Their mission is to empower the Commonwealth by providing the world’s first peer-to-peer inventory finance marketplace.
  • VNT Pay Landing Page Design
  • VNTPay is a digital wallet and the 'lifeblood' of the InventoryClub eco-system. Our client sought to create a clean and appropriate brand identity that conveyed their professionalism.

    As part of the creative process we researched both the traditional and digital financial markets to ensure the brand was well positioned amongst competitors. We opted for a combined logo and icon mark to place emphasis on the product being an app. The uppercase sans serif font style presents a brand that is memorable and dependable whilst the rounded corner depicts movement and security.

    In addition to this, Gallarii collaborated with the VNTPay developers to create a seamless, engaging, user-friendly app and website.

    Disciplines: App Design, Logo Design, Website Design
  • VNT Pay Logo Design
  • VNT Pay App Design