Inventory Club

Inventory Club, an exciting synthesis of tech and footwear based in the UK, connecting Commonwealth Merchants with a global Membership of financial backers.
  • Inventory Club Website Design
  • Inventory Club was conceived in late 2017 with ambitious targets of enabling digital trade across the Commonwealth. The main challenge of this multi-layered project was to devise a clear direction on how the individual brands within the eco-system would co-exist, whilst maintaining their sole purposes and identities.

    We created the B2C website with emphasis on the split market reach being Merchants (sellers) and Members (investors). The creative direction helped users distinguish their preferred input. Gallarii designed and managed the print of the company brochure, business cards and general marketing collateral as well as designing and managing the build of their stand at the cryptocurrency show.

    Disciplines: Brand Development, Digital Media, Print Design, Space Planning, Website Design
  • Inventory Club Instagram Campaign
  • Inventory Club Brochure Design
  • Inventory Club App Design
  • Inventory Club Business Cards
  • Inventory Club Expo Stand