Sneaker King

Visual identity, packaging and print media for a South African brand offering sneaker enthusiasts a collection of accessories that keep their footwear looking good.
  • Sneaker King Product Presentation
  • Sneaker King approached Gallarii to collaborate with them on this exciting venture. Sneakers have truly moved off the sports field & on to the red carpet so it was important to create a brand with a high end appeal at an attractive price point for an extremely tight-knit audience.

    The product design captures a balance between practicality and aesthetic, with stand-out product names and friendly best use notes. The fusion is further defined through the font choices, minimal design and colour palette.

    Disciplines: Brand Development, Logo Design, Product Design
  • Sneaker King Product Presentation
  • Sneaker King Product Design
  • Sneaker King Brand Identity
  • Sneaker King Product Presentation